Sunday, April 27, 2014

10 Ways to Use Coconut Oil

coconut oilCoconut Oil: The Oil that everyone is talking about.

There is so much talk  going around about coconut oil these days. How it can help with literally everything. Is it actually healthier than other oils? There are short – term test being run on how healthy it actually is, but for now here are some great ways coconut oil can be used:
1. Stain Remover –  Mix with Baking Soda for eff

ective stain remover.

2. Moisturizing your skin - Fatty Acids locks moisture in skin.
3. Prevent Stretch marks during Pregnancy -  Rub on your skin daily.
4. Oil Pulling - Swish oil in mouth for around 15 Minutes. It pulls toxins out of your body. Spit out and rinse mouth when finished. Do not swallow!
5. Cooking - Replace with olive oil and/or butter.
6. Bug bites/Bee stings - apply to bite. Will heal fast and take stinging out.
7. Eye Makeup Remover -  Get rid of that stubborn eye makeup!
8. Sunscreen - Coconut Oil is a natural SPF4 sunscreen!
9. Chapstick - Rub it on your lips for a great smell and feel, while protecting your lips!
10. Sooth Psoriasis or Eczema