Sunday, March 16, 2014

Eat More Sprouts

Sprout Recipes  From the Sprout People

Sprouts are one of the most concentrated natural sources of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, trace elements, amino-acids and proteins on Earth.
In addition to being super nutritious, sprouts are one of the most versatile foods in your kitchen. Sprouts can be everything from the main ingredient to a garnish. Sprouts are a great snack - just fill a bowl, have a seat, and start munching. Every sandwich should have sprouts, every sandwich should be made with sprouted wheat bread, every soup should have sprouts, everyBODY should have sprouts!
Sprouts - like all vegetables, are much more nutritious raw, and since sprouts are living food, they are the most nutritious of vegetables. Because of that some people think it is wrong to cook sprouts, but we think all that really matters is that you Eat More Sprouts, and if you prefer them cooked then cook them! Sure raw is better, but any sprouts are way better than none, so eat as you wish, cook 'em or don't!
Eat More Sprouts!
Fenugreek Curry
Curry Rules!
Egg Foo Yung
A classic Chinese dish, prepared as always, with the most widely consumed sprout on Earth.
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Whole Grain Sprout Cakes
Sprouts for Breakfast!
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Pea Shoot Stir Fry
Quick and Easy. This is a delightfully delicious snack or side dish.

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Lentil Bulgur Salad
Gorgeous. Delicious. Addictive.
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